Company Background 

Pythons Business Consultants was formed in 2011 &  is CETA Accredited on 

• Roadworks Civil Engineering

• Health and Safety

• Plant Operations

• Computer & Communication Courses.

The main focus of the Close Corporation has grown to training and development of managers and their subordinates. The main objective of the training is to make the organisations competitive in the world market so that they attain not only growth and expansion but high standards, integrity and professionalism. We are redefining the future of education; PBC has pursued new territory in professional training, higher education & test preparation with innovation & imagination. Through new technologies & a personalized approach to learning, we are opening doors to educational opportunities & inspiring people to strive for their personal best. We are growing without losing sight of our Mission.Our target markets are the mines, private companies, construction companies, the Government, Public works in different provinces and Municipalities. PBC prides itself on the ability to provide the highest level of quality in projects, as we are one of the few training provider offering Roadworks Civil Engineering in North West Region. Trainees receive excellent results through innovative mix of theory & intense practical offerings. Facilitators address trainees’ needs & are dedicated to ensuring that each trainee’s learning experiences is good, from enjoyable & fruitful. PBC helps professionals demonstrate proficiency in their fields by successfully preparing them for requisite designations & certifications. Investment in our own training & development & “can do” culture empowers our staff to provide a personalized & flexible approach which adds value & makes the difference for each of our customers, be they individuals or employers.We have a vital expertise to serve the “gap” between education & obtaining successful sustained employment for 18-65 olds, providing the right preparation, advice & guidance, employability skills & vocational requirements, both prior & after employment has commenced.

Corporate Vision

Creating a conducive business environment and become world leaders in training and development as well as consultancy services across all economic sectors.

Corporate Mission Statement

We are committed to place our potential and existing customers in the heart of the organisation, provide innovative training and development solutions that will enable our clients to maximize the growth of human capital in their organisations and to uphold a commitment to quality and ethical standards in education, training & development.


• Empower the youth, women and disadvantaged individuals by providing credible training.

• Develop a strong working relationship with other stakeholders

• Create a conducive learning environment which will enable learners to develop their full potential

• Reduce organizational training costs while increasing learner retention and proficiency.

Our Target Market

·    Mining Industries

·   Construction industries

·    Manufacturing industries

·    Road construction sector

·    Services sector

·    Retailing sectors

Why we chose Education and Training

. To create employment and alleviate poverty

• Improve scarce skills 

• Grow entrepreneurs

• Help the previously disadvantaged people get recognised qualifications so that they compete with graduates.

• Help in improving the South African economy as well as infrastructure.

• Help the youths to create jobs for themselves since jobs are scarce.

The training methods we use

• Group work/activities.

• Class discussions.

• Individual presentations

• One on one approach.

• Participation methods.

• Roles play feedback.

• Written, oral or practical assignments.

• Assessment of each training session.

• More visuals for easy understanding.

• Lecturing.

After Care Training

We offer monitoring and evaluation service for a period of 6 months or even further depending on the nature of service provided. We also provide refresher courses or one day training from time to time to our valued clients in order to develop a strong relationship.